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World Class Auto Brokerage Providing Free Top Notch Concierge Service!


Car buying can be a drudge.  Many compare it to a visit to the dentist.  Shopping for a new or used automobile has never been high on the list of favorite things to do. All those visits to different dealerships, all the wheeling and dealing!  The many hours surfing the internet looking for that great deal.  Some people think of using a Car Broker to do the shopping for them.  Many  of these services charge you upwards of $350.00—$750.00 for their services.  Of course with the savings many of these services are able to negotiate on your behalf, and the time saved having to do the legwork yourself, it seems worth it for some of us thrifty shoppers. Get a quote now!

What if you could have the expertise of that shopping service,  without having to pay for it?  Yes that’s right, an experienced Car Broker negotiating the best deal possible, getting you the lowest pricing, and the best interest rates available on your purchases. Well the good news is that Auto Source Specialists will provide this service to you.  Here’s the best part, this service that I am providing to you is absolutely free!  Yes that is not a typo, it is absolutely free!  I have worked out compensation arrangements with my dealer partners so that I can provide you this service at no cost to you.  I know you may be thinking that you can negotiate for yourself. That may be true, but think, you have negotiated maybe, what, six to fifteen previous car purchases in your lifetime.  Compare that number to, thousands of negotiations, that I have conducted over my twenty two years in the automotive industry.  Couple that with my total understanding of the ins and outs of the car market and insider industry trade secrets.  It’s definitely a win, win for you. 


Buyers are accustomed to retaining professional assistance when making important purchases. For example we engage realtors and stock brokers to assist with the purchase of real estate and investments. We could do these tasks on our own, yet many find it is easier and wiser to seek professional assistance. You should seek professional assistance for your car purchase as well!

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